Sunday, 9/13/2020

In week 2 of our current series "The Activity of Prayer," Pastor John shares how Jesus prayed audibly to God and was heard because of His reverence for God.

Sunday, 9/6/2020

In week 1 of our series, "The Activity of Prayer," Pastor John shares the power of praying silently and it's  biblical foundation.

Sunday, 8/30/2020

Our guest speaker, Pastor Justin Nichols shares the importance of staying connected to Jesus, who is the true vine.  Staying connected can happen in many ways like:  applying the preached Word of God, praying, worshipping among many others.  This is a life changing word from God.

Sunday, 8/23/2020

Our Guest Speaker, Pastor Justin Nichols, shares a challenging message concerning what comes out of one's mouth.  His message causes reflection on what one believes and then say.  Does your confession and faith line up with God's Word?