Miracles Sewn 4 Him with 

Imagine being a mother living in a remote village high in the mountains of Honduras.  To get to the hospital for prenatal care and medical treatment during the delivery, the walk is about 1-2 hours and then a bus ride up to 5 hours long.  It would be easier to have your child in the village and take the risk of infection, sickness and disease and possibly death.  But thanks be to God, the ladies of BTVAG heard about the struggle of these mothers.  The ladies of BTVAG leaped into action and began sewing baby blankets, burping clothes, and wash clothes.  They started buying onsies and socks.  Our ladies packaged these items, and mailed them to missionaries working in Honduras.  At-risk mothers from those remote villages started hearing about baby care packages.  They started making their way to the city, to the hospital for care.  


So what?  Being born in a sanitized facility with trained doctors, wrapped in clean sanitized clothing, not only saves the baby but the mother, too!


Below are pictures of mothers receiving their care packages!  

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